The Tabernacle at St. Patrick's

Youth receiving Jesus for the

 first time

Young girl receiving the Eucharistic host for first time

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Boy after making his First Reconciliation


Sacraments and Sacramentals per USCCB (click link)


Preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist occurs as part of the Religious Education (CCD and School) Programs, usually in the 2nd Grade.


Individuals interested in RICA (Rite of Christian Initiation), the process of preparing for full admission into the Catholic Church, should meet with Mrs. Lisa Flatt and/or the team on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Parish Hall.


Baptisms: Pre-baptism class for all parents is necessary before Baptism.  Please contact the parish office for information at (334) 298-9025.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation, a.k.a. Penance or Confession, by appointment only.


The Sacrament of the Sick (Sick Call) can be requested when a family member faces surgery or serious illness. A priest is the ordinary minister of this sacrament. Holy Communion can be brought to the sick in their homes by a Eucharistic minister upon request. Please contact the Parish Office if this sacrament is desired.


Matrimony or marriages must be arranged at least 6 months prior to the actual wedding date. This is a Diocesan regulation to allow the couple time for adequate preparation to receive the Sacrament. Interested couples should contact the Pastor to begin preparation as soon as possible.

The Eucharist with proper preparation is normally received for the first time when a child is in the second grade.  However, the Rites of Christian Initiation are normally completed with the sacraments of baptism, Eucharist and confirmation during the Easter Vigil.  See photo of 2014 First Eucharist Group

Currently, the sacrament of Confirmation occurs every 2 years with neighboring Alabama parishes.  This diocese requires that recipients be at least 16 years of age. 

THANK YOU: Saint Patrick Parish, would like to take the opportunity to thank each of these wonderful teachers for volunteering their time as Religious Education Teachers, Parents, and Students, and RCIA!  We appreciate you all! God is Good! Lee Anderson, Merida Arevalo, Robert Beetz,Ofelia Esquivel, Joseph Evans,Tyler Flatt, William Flatt, Carol Fortune, Stephanie Gillespie, Lissette Gonzalaz, Helen Green, Sandy Groscost, Yesenia Gutierrez,Leticia Hernandez, Manuel Hernandez, Jim Kehoe, Joanne Kehoe, Eugenie Konde, Andrea Moran, Arthur Moran Johnny Rodriguez, Alan Ruemeger, Chris Rome, Pat Sellers, Margaret Simmons, Nilsa Torres, Toni White, Ray Xeureb, and Terry Xeureb.